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保定秀蘭ホテル (Xiulan Hotel Baoding), ホテルは古城保定市中心の南西に位置し、競秀区工業センターの楽凱南大街に位置し、近楽凱フィルム工場にあります。'},{'src':'饭店坐西向东、南北双子座联体建筑,南塔(A座)地上十七层,建筑高度87米和北塔(B座)建筑层高20层、建筑高度98米,六层裙房建筑、地下两层;拥有两百余套设备完善的各类豪华商务客房,采用酒店智能化管理系统,格调清新、舒适、典雅。','dst':'ホテルは西から東、南北のふたご座の共同建築に乗り、南タワー(A座)は地上17階で、建築高さ87メートルと北タワー(B座)は高層20階、建築高さ98メートル、六階のスカート建築、地下二階にあります。'},{'src':'饭店拥有6个会议室,可供各种规模的会议、活动使用,饭店中餐厅可同时举行600人的大型宴会,西餐厅可同时容纳160人就餐,提供早中晚自助餐。','dst':'ホテルは6つの会議室を持っています。様々な規模の会議やイベントが利用できます。レストランの中では600人の大規模な宴会が同時に行われます。レストランは160人が一緒に食事ができます。'},{'src':'饭店为客人倾力打造了休闲娱乐的好场所,建筑面积3000㎡的商务健身会所设有有氧训练区、功能训练区、自由力量区、器械健身区、私教专区、多功能操厅、乒乓球、网球场、瑜伽室、大型室内恒温游泳池其中还设有冲浪池和桑拿房,使您在享受休闲时光的同时还能强身健体,塑造美丽身形。住宿的客人凭房卡可游泳及使用健身器械。','dst':'ホテルはお客様のために力を尽くしてレジャー娯楽の良い場所を作っています。建築面積3000㎡のビジネスフィットネスクラブには、有酸素訓練区、機能訓練区、自由力区、器械フィットネスゾーン、私教専用区、多機能体操ホール、卓球、テニスコート、ヨガルーム、大型室内恒温プールがあります。中にはサーフィンプールとサウナがあります。体を強くして、美しい姿を作ります。宿泊客は部屋のカードで水泳とフィットネス機器を使用できます。'},{'src':'同时,这里1楼设有购物中心、黄金专柜、茶苑,6楼洗浴中心等一应俱全的配套设施,希望在住期间能给您留下美好的回忆。酒店采用消防联动系统,24小时安防监控系统与24小时全警卫巡逻,确保您的旅途安全舒心','dst':'また、ここの1階にはショッピングセンター、黄金の専門店、お茶苑、6階のお風呂センターなどすべての施設が備えられています。ホテルは消防連動システムを採用しています。24時間安全防犯カメラシステムと24時間警備パトロールして、旅行の安全と快適を確保します。
  • 保定秀蘭ホテルのチェックイン時間とチェックアウト時間はいつですか?

    チェックイン時間:13:30以降, チェックアウト時間:12:00-14:00。

  • 保定秀蘭ホテルにプールとフィットネスはありますか?


  • 保定秀蘭ホテル の敷地内にレストランはありますか?


  • 保定秀蘭ホテルにはブロードバンドまたはWifiがありますか?


  • 保定秀蘭ホテルは前払いを受け入れますか?


  • 保定秀蘭ホテルはレジットカードでの決済を受け付けています?


  • 保定秀蘭ホテル朝食はいくらですか?

    朝食 CNY78/人。

  • 保定秀蘭ホテルの宿泊料金はいくらですか?


クチコミ 詳細
  • amandafan008
    Good hotel, very good service
  • maorifeng007
    Every time I go to the Great Wall on business, I live in Xiulan, clean and tidy, and give me a small towel. I've lived in Xiulan many times and I'm very satisfied!
  • Fernandowang
    Great, super satisfied!
  • baggio318
    Beautiful environment and delicious food.
  • baobaolose
    Very good hotel, very convenient, eat in Baoding hall, hotel swimming pool is also very good, there are many kinds of breakfast. The service was especially good. When the room was being sorted out, the waiters folded the scattered clothes neatly. When checking out, I forgot to take the charging wire. The hotel also helped to express it. In a word, I am very satisfied.
  • byefirefly
    Her breakfast is very good. I like to eat some vegetable salad (Thousand Island juice) sausage, bacon, tomato juice and boiled beans for breakfast, etc., which is available in Xiulan, not to mention all kinds of Chinese food.
  • lbj2006
    Convenient transportation, friendly and thoughtful service
  • lin_lin_2008
    Good environment, rich breakfast
  • D01711716
    Breakfast is very good, the area is very large, you can add a bed, it is suitable for taking children, there is a parking lot
  • liaopaowang
    The breakfast was very rich and the service was very good
  • rym1964
    Good hotel
  • aa35928
    The service of the hotel is very good. There is Baoding guild hall downstairs for meals. There are two pools in the swimming pool. It's great. The only disadvantage is that the hotel is a little old. You can consider redecorating it
  • aneta
    The hotel has complete facilities, no peculiar smell, considerate service, welcome fruits, night milk and small gifts
  • jbabc
    Breakfast is OK, after all, the old five-star hotel, parking lot is free, the service is considerate, the security is very polite and praiseworthy, the room is not very big, the service is good??
  • e00020117
    Excellent cost performance, rich breakfast, Donkey Meat fire is super delicious
  • GaryYip23
    Cost effective, good service, new facilities, swimming pool, happy children. Very good hotel, push! The parking lot is big, and breakfast is good. All employees have a strong sense of service, initiative and good management.
  • e01253988
    The last time I went on a business trip years ago, I still chose Xiulan hotel for check-in. The service was still not available. I was still very enthusiastic. Before I got off the bus, someone was waiting to open the door for you. The rooms were all equipped with new humidifiers, as well as the welcome animals with towel stacks, lolly
  • court
    Baoding ranked higher hotel!
  • guosa
    The location of this hotel is very superior, close to the railway station, the environment is beautiful The service attitude was very good, the room was well equipped, the breakfast was nutritious and the price was moderate.
  • jennifan
    Attentive service, hot milk just after entering! Good environment!
  • Tim Xu
    It's one of the best hotels in Baoding. Every time I go on business, I will stay here. The service is very friendly and meticulous. Breakfast is also very rich. I like to drink tofu brain here best.
  • julywinter
    The hotel has convenient transportation, luxurious decoration, complete room facilities, welcome fruit and good night milk. It's very good. Two pillows are soft and hard. It's very considerate. The breakfast is rich. Both Chinese and Western food are delicious.
  • francis wen
    It's been a long time!!!
  • Mr.ye
    Hotel spacious atmosphere, mainly first-class service, people feel particularly intimate! Come again next time!
  • e00089506
    The hotel is very good, parking is convenient, the hotel service is very considerate, the fruit plate, small dolls, bedtime baby are very like. Breakfast is amazing, rich in varieties, and Donkey Meat fire, recommended!
  • adem521
    The hotel is very good! Very good from environment to service! Hot milk is also available at night. It's very warm! The reception at the front desk is warm and considerate, very patient to answer questions! Breakfast is rich, the service staff are warm and kind! You must choose this shop next time you go to Baoding!
  • d00996011
    The first time I checked in, I felt very good with my wife and children. The breakfast was rich, but the children had to pay more than 1.3 meters. There was a restaurant in the hotel. The tofu in the restaurant was very delicious, and the children liked it very much, especially the hotel service staff was very good, their attitude was good, and they provided many services. Next time I go to Baoding, I will stay here.
  • poryan
    A satisfying stay experience
  • lucas"_me
    Accidentally lost the power bank in the room, the hotel called in time and kept it. Very satisfied with the customer service.
  • yan030
    Parking is very convenient
  • e00056602
    The service of the hotel is very good. There are welcome fruits and good night milk. The concierge Gao xiangze helped us to lift our luggage into the car. Because the car was parked far away, I was very moved. Next time I have a chance to go to Baoding, I will choose to stay here again. When I leave, I will also give you a small gift. It's thoughtful
  • dong_s
    The service is very considerate, the internal environment of the hotel is very good, the breakfast is very rich, it is a very good price performance hotel. Next time I go to Baoding, I will choose this hotel.
  • andyboy
    During the outbreak, the hotel provided 3M masks, the service was very good, early also very rich!
  • derby242
    It's clean and hygienic, and the service attitude is particularly good,
  • favedit
    Very satisfied with the service attitude, the security department gave the car a free wipe
  • noriver
    The hotel has carefully prepared the small gifts, fruit plates, milk before sleep, free refrigerator drinks, free car wash, leaving gifts, absolutely exceeding the service standard of five-star hotel. Xiulan hotel is highly recommended. Stay in Baoding and stay in Xiulan hotel.
  • maplefox
    Support as always
  • e00098282
    The service was very attentive
  • styleman
    The breakfast was very good, the combination of Chinese and western, the location of the hotel was very convenient, the parking lot was free, the staff of the hotel were very friendly, it was a very good experience
  • lastresort
    Breakfast is rich and the hardness of the bed is just right for me
  • LittleRain
    The hotel service was very good, and 3M masks were also provided during the outbreak??
  • allan_lv
    Good service! Easy to eat! We'll check in next time.
  • baronwang
    Good service attitude
  • baylong
    Environmental sanitation is good, breakfast is also very good and rich. I thought I had nothing to eat in the evening, but it was unexpectedly rich. I took several pictures of check-out when I was taking a walk. You can have a look at the environment
  • babymars
    Comfortable room, excellent service
  • nancyyc
    The accommodation environment is really good, and the free hot milk will be sent to the room at night. The western restaurant on the second floor is also good, and the breakfast is good. I will continue to book after coming back
  • cindylla
    It's convenient to park. The environment is very good. I have to say that the rice is delicious, but Xiulan's rice hasn't been said
  • alexli06
    This hotel is very good. As soon as I entered the room, the waiter sent me a small doll, and then a fruit platter. There is also a small towel in the room that I can take home for free. Both children like it very much. There are also stationery boxes that can be used. It's very convenient. If the computer wants to use the Internet, there's an Internet plug. If you live there, you can have good night milk at night. It's free. In addition, the drinks and mineral water in the refrigerator are free, and biscuits are also free. There is a parking lot next to the hotel, where the breakfast is also good, very rich.
  • gracesxy
    A great experience. Friendly service. Water and drinks are free in the room. Especially free parking. The next morning, the security elder brother warmly washed the car for free. Good recommendation.
  • annis
    The service was very good. There were many breakfast categories. The parking lot washed the car free of charge and gave the doll gifts. The only deficiency was that the facilities in the room were old.